Learn Spanish Fast – Top 5 Spanish Language Courses Review

Learn Spanish Quickly

To help you choose the best course to learn Spanish quickly, we have compared several Spanish courses, which are currently available on the market. However, before investing your time and money into any of the given courses, you should consider:

  • What’s your preferable method of learning the language?
  • Is the software compatible with your computer operating system?
  • Do you get free lessons to test the course before you buy it?
  • How fast can you learn, is it easy for you to learn a new language?
  • Do you want to learn Latin American Spanish or Spain Spanish?

Answering all these questions will greatly influence your buying decision, to choose the best Spanish course for you.

We have reviewed:

  1. Pimsleur Spanish
  2. Learn Spanish Like Crazy
  3. Michael Thomas Spanish
  4. Rocket Spanish
  5. Linguaphone Spanish

Pimsleur Spanish

Latin American or Castillian Spanish course, compatible with all operating systems, free samples are available to listen to via their website. The whole course is downloadable or in CD’s sets and you can easily listen to it in a car, on your ipod or on your computer.

This course is all audio and emphasizes repetition. It is easy to use and you can start as a complete beginner and progress to a level of proficient conversational Spanish speaker. It will teach you to understand spoken Spanish and to learn conversational Spanish. It does not include many extra materials, apart from a small basic manual. The course is based on organic learning where vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension are presented simultaneously. The result is an understanding of the language as native speakers use it.

If you want to learn Spanish grammar, to read and write in Spanish, you need to complement the Pimsleur Course with books on grammar and vocabulary to expand your Spanish knowledge.

Learn Spanish Like Crazy

Latin American Spanish course, compatible with Windows and Mac. The course is downloadable or you can get it as CD’s sets.

This is an audio course concentrated on conversational Spanish but each lesson emphasizes the importance of grammar as well. You learn real, every day spoken Spanish. The course has full translation in English and includes many extra very useful learning materials. We have compared Learn Spanish Like Crazy vs Michel Thomas Spanish.  Hopefully our comprehensive review will help you chose the best option!

Michel Thomas Spanish

Castillian Spanish course, compatible with all operating systems, available as a download version or on CD’s. You can get free samples of lessons to try it out. The course can be listened to in your car, on Ipod or on your computer.

It is another audio course that emphasizes repetition. The difference between this one and other courses is that, you listen to a conversation between Michel Thomas and two students, who want to learn Spanish. You listen to the mistakes they make and how they improve and change sentences they say to speak perfectly. Michel Thomas uses English to explain what he says and why certain grammar solutions were used. The pace of these recorded classes gives you perfect opportunity to repeat after the teacher and learn the right way of speaking and understanding Spanish grammar.

Rocket Spanish

Latin American Spanish course, compatible with all operational systems, 6-day free course is available. The whole course is downloadable or you can get it as CD’s sets.

The course will teach you the daily conversational Spanish, by means of interactive audio lessons, grammar exercises, writing exercises, software-based learning games and lessons about Spanish culture.

Linguaphone Spanish

Castillian Spanish course, compatible with all operational systems, free lessons are available. The course is downloadable or you can get it as CD’s sets.

This course emphasizes importance of all language skills: oral, written, reading skills, audio and understanding of spoken Spanish. Audio files are accompanied with comprehensive, detailed manuals. It is a thorough approach to learning Spanish.

However, if you are a complete Spanish beginner, you might better start with another course, because to take full advantage of Linguaphone Spanish, you need to have the basic Spanish knowledge. The reason for that is that, some of the dialogs are hard to understand because Spanish is spoken too quickly.

All of the mentioned courses will greatly help you learn Spanish quickly. All of them can be easily listened to while you drive your car, travel by plane, go for walk or simply sit in front of your computer. Your result, will depend however, on how much motivated you are, how often you will practice and repeat the material, how regular it will be. The more time and effort you will put into it, the better you will get at it.

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